Foundations for Mastery of Fractions in Upper Key Stage 2

Many teachers and teaching assistants were taught in an era where fractions were almost always dealt with in abstract terms. The CPA Approach (Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract) encourages us to help children master fractions by utilising concrete resources and pictorial representations. When this is undertaken, much of the mystery surrounding fractions disappears and children can grasp, understand and enjoy working and reasoning with fractions.

Dave has co-written the Sense of Number Visual Fractions Policy for schools, the use of which is exemplified throughout these training sessions. This course provides a practical approach to helping children understand and master working with fractions.

·     To develop delegates personal understanding of fractions.

·     To appreciate the complexities inherently found in the teaching of fractions in UKS2, including rich links to other mathematical domains such as Number and Division.

·     To understand the importance of teaching the 12 strands of the fractions curriculum practically, where possible, to ensure children can reason and develop deep understanding.

·     To explore the effective teaching of Decimals, Fractions and Percentages and strategies for helping children to calculate confidently with fractions.

·     To demonstrate further creative, visual, tactile and engaging activities that help children understand, have fun with, manipulate and calculate with fractions.