Helping Children Remember Bonds, Doubles and Table Facts in Key Stage 1

For children to develop mastery of number, they need conceptual, procedural and factual knowledge and understanding. These training sessions explore ideas for helping children to develop their knowledge of number facts. In the digital era, we are remembering less and less (how many phone numbers can you remember?). Yet, in mathematics it is vital that children know their bonds and table facts in order to calculate fluently. Dave has taught across the primary age-range. His most recent class of Year 4 children became known across school as, ‘the class that know their tables.’ In these sessions, Dave shares his experiences and helps teachers and teaching assistants with strategies and ideas to help their children learn key number facts.

This course aims to To provide a practical approach to learning key number facts that is based on both theory and experience.

·     To identify the foundation blocks that enable children to learn key number facts with confidence and understanding.

·     To explore a host of effective, fun-filled, interactive, motivational & enjoyable ideas to help children learn key number facts, including Dave’s Number Fun song videos.

·     To exemplify how, undertaken with care, speed testing can act as a key motivational tool for remembering number facts.

·     To identify key resources that support the learning of Bonds, Doubles and Table Facts.

·     To examine ways to help childrenapply and consolidate their Number Fact knowledge through reasoning, games and calculation strategies.