Number & Place Value Part 2: Working Confidently with Number in Upper Key Stage 2

In this second session, Dave focuses on helping children identify, represent, estimate, partition and round numbers. This session will also explore how, through reasoning and problem-solving challenges, children can further develop their sense of number.

This course provides a practical approach to helping children manipulate and work confidently with number.

·     Continuing from Part 1, to evaluate a range of manipulatives and images to help children identify, estimate, round and represent numbers, including decimals

·     To highlight the importance of being able to partition a number in multiple ways and how sense of number is crucial within mental calculation

·     To identify how number sense can be continually developed and explored in context across the mathematics curriculum, including within measurement and algebra

·     To appreciate the breadth of resources found on the Number Fun Portal to help children explore and develop their sense of number

·     To explore a range of reasoning and problem-solving ideas to help children develop their understanding of number and place value

·     To equip delegates with practical and engaging ideas to help children work confidently with Roman numerals