Number & Place Value Part 1: Developing Sense of Number in Lower Key Stage 2

Number and Place Value is the first domain in the National Curriculum and the first area of study within each academic year. Children’s ability to calculate fluently using a range of mental strategies, jottings and formal strategies, all depends on a deep grasp of number itself.

In this two-part series, Dave will explore how to help children develop a deep sense of number and provide delegates with a host of ideas and tools to help children play with, manipulate and explore number with confidence and understanding.

This course provides a practical approach to helping children develop a deep sense of number.

·     To explore the foundations for developing number sense in Lower Key Stage 2, including the introduction of decimal numbers

·     To appreciate the importance of using manipulatives, images and story to help children develop a solid understanding of place value in three- and four-digit numbers

·     To highlight a range of ideas to help children count in different multiples with confidence and understanding, using key models and images that highlight the patterns in our number system and lay the foundation for knowledge of multiplication tables

·     To explore ideas for helping children confidently read, order and compare numbers beyond 1000