Number & Place Value Part 1: Developing Sense of Number in Upper Key Stage 2

Number and Place Value is the first domain in the National Curriculum and the first area of study within each academic year. Children’s ability to calculate fluently using a range of mental strategies, jottings and formal strategies, all depends on a deep grasp of number itself.

In this two-part series, Dave will explore how to help children develop a deep sense of number and provide delegates with a host of ideas and tools to help children play with, manipulate and explore number with confidence and understanding.

This course provides a practical approach to helping children develop a deep sense of number.

·     To explore key aspects of number sense that are crucial in Upper Key Stage 2, including a deep understanding of decimal numbers and fractions as numbers

·     To highlight a range of ideas for helping children read, write, order and compare numbers up to 10,000,000 with understanding (with the help of Dave’s character Papa Titioning!)

·     To explore ideas for helping children to count in powers of 10, and count with and interpret negative numbers within a context

·     To explore ideas for developing understanding of different types of number and the importance of prefixes in helping identify value