Dave’s Number Fun Online Training provides high-quality CPD that helps teachers and teaching assistants develop their mathematical understanding and discover new, mastery approaches to the teaching of mathematics within school.

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Examples of Specific Training Themes

Bar Modelling

The Ultimate Problem-Solving Tool

Singapore Bar Modelling has been introduced over to schools in the UK over the last few years in a piecemeal and inconsistent way. Many teachers and children have tried to use this approach within school but the lack of consistency and understanding of the foundations of this approach has led to confusion and, tragically, in some schools, the abandonment of this approach.

In Singapore bar modelling helped transform children’s achievement levels and, when introduced well and taught with consistency in UK schools, it can be equally powerful. Dave has gone back to texts from Singapore and the training sessions below help teachers to establish a clear, consistent and logical approach to Bar Modelling. The foundations for Bar Modelling will mean some overlap between the sessions, but the exemplification will be pitched at the designated phases.

Dave has presented sessions about bar modelling at mathematical conferences and written the Sense of Number Visual Bar Model Policy for schools.

Helping Children Remember Crucial Number Facts

For children to develop mastery of number, they need conceptual, procedural and factual knowledge and understanding. These training sessions explore ideas for helping children to develop their knowledge of number facts.

In the digital era, we are remembering less and less (how many phone numbers can you remember?). Yet, in mathematics it is vital that children know their bonds and table facts in order to calculate fluently. Dave has taught across the primary age-range. His most recent class of Year 4 children became known across school as, ‘the class that know their tables.’ In these sessions,

Dave shares his experiences and helps teachers and teaching assistants with strategies and ideas to help their children learn key number facts.

Foundations for Mastery of Fractions

Many teachers and teaching assistants were taught in an era where fractions were almost always dealt with in abstract terms. The CPA Approach (Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract) encourages us to help children master fractions by utilising concrete resources and pictorial representations.

When this is undertaken, much of the mystery surrounding fractions disappears and children can grasp, understand and enjoy working and reasoning with fractions. Dave has co-written the Sense of Number Visual Fractions Policy for schools, the use of which is exemplified throughout these training sessions.

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